Laura Nywening grew up on C.F. Johnson and Son Farm, making forts in the surrounding woods, riding her bike up and down the steep hills and showing cows each summer through 4-H at the Orange County Fair.  

Laura went to college at Westfield State University in Westfield, Massachusetts, where she earned her B.A. in History Education. Veering wildly off course, she went to work for the National Park Service on Assateague Island in Virginia, then volunteered for a year with Heifer Project International in Rutland, Massachusetts where she realized her passion for educational farming.

Meet the Farmer
Since then she has worked for Keith's Farm in Westtown, New York and Sandbrook Meadow Farm in Stockton, New Jersey to further her education in the art of growing organic vegetables.  

She is looking forward to settling in Chester, putting her roots down(Literally and figuratively!) on the land that has been in her family for the four generations before her.

When Laura is not working in the fields, she can be found listening to bluegrass music, patching and sewing clothes or working on carpentry projects.

Peace and Carrots Farm, a 4 acre 75-member non-certified CSA in its fifth year seeks 3 full-time Residential Interns for the 2017 season, starting in May until the end of September, with the possibility of extending until the end of October. Rustic camper or tiny house lodging provided on the farm, with basic cooking items and linens supplied. Access to all farm produce, eggs and milk included for a 40-45 hour work week  Full-season or shorter volunteer positions available, though preference given to candidates who can commit to the whole season. 

We are:
A young, hardworking, beginning farmer lady looking to slowly expand the farm over several years. t Manager Laura grows vegetables using organic practices, though the farm is not certified. We also currently raising chickens for eggs and plan on expanding our livestock production to include meat to make the CSA more "full-plate" in the years to come. This upcoming season's plans include expanding our CSA membership as well as increase the number of markets we attend.

The Farm:
Has been a dairy operation for four generations and Peace and Carrots' parcel takes up only 4 of about 200 acres that composes the farm as a whole. The farm is located in the beautiful Hudson Valley, known for its natural wonders. Though Chester is a small town it has all the basic amenities, which are a bike-able distance from the farm. We're within a 20 minute drive is everything else you could want and as a bonus, we are only about 50 miles form New York City and public transportation goes there from here! Locally, there is hiking, swimming, biking, rock climbing, small independent shops and live music, if you know where to look. (And I do!)  A new feature on the farm for 2017 is the Long Lot Brewing Co., run by Laura's cousin, which should be open by the spring.  It's ON THE FARM and one of the tasks might be helping with some of the brewing and/or the hop harvest in the high summer.

Live and Work on the Farm
You Are:
Interested in learning how to farm on a scale similar to ours. Previous experience is not necessary, but a willingness to perform strenuous physical work in less-than ideal weather (rain or heat) is imperative. An ability to work through physical discomfort is necessary and though we do push ourselves, most people find the work to be manageable. While here, you will learn: greenhouse management, field preparation, cultivation, pest and disease management, farm planning, efficient harvesting techniques, record keeping, customer service, marketing, tractor driving and much more! Over the course of the season, you will have the opportunity to implement a personal farm project if you choose to. Options for that include cob oven construction, workshop-running, tree house construction or pretty much anything else you can think of!  As with most things, you will get out what you put in.  You can learn how to start and run a farm here, if you are a self-starter and willing to jump into things.  This would be a perfect situation for a couple that is going to start their own farm in the next year or two, though single people should not hesitate to apply as well!

If You're Intrigued:
Send a letter of interest to Laura Nywening at outlining why you're interested in growing vegetables organically, why our farm seems like a good fit for you, and what experience (if any) you have in the fields of agricultural or physical work. For both full-season internship positions, strong preference will be given to candidates who can come to the farm for an in-person interview and tour of the farm before the season starts in May.

Currently, all positions for the 2017 season are full.  

Please check back next year!  We start the hiring process in October!